Nokia 8 Battery Original Replacement TA-1004 Price in Pakistan


battery nokia 8 / nokia 8 ta 1004 battery original

nokia 8 battery price = rs 2200

fast cash on delivery

  • Nokia ta 1004 battery replacement / nokia 8 original battery
  • Battery Price =Rs 2200 Final without delivery
  • Expected Battery Life = 2 Years (On Normal Use)
  • Model Number = Nokia HE328 Battery
  • Capacity = 3090mAh
  • Cash on Delivery
  • Calling Number is 0300 9402502


Benefits of Buying from Battery Bank:

  • Enjoy long Talk Time with a Brand New Battery.
  • Longer Battery Life and Seamless Performance for Your Nokia 8.
  • Elevate Your Nokia 8 Experience with Genuine Battery.
  • Authentic Battery for Optimal Performance of your device.
  • Our original battery replacement ensures extended usage time, allowing you to stay connected and powered throughout your busy day routine.
  • This is a reliable and efficient Product and you can rest assured knowing that it meets the highest quality standards of Nokia.

Supported Variants:

Nokia TA-1004 Battery / Nokia TA-1012 Battery / Nokia TA-1052 Battery


Nokia 8 replacement battery Details:

This is originally to replace your old faulty battery not giving proper time. This battery replacement is in good health and gives you good timing. After installing this battery overall performance of your handset will also increase.

This battery will last about 2 years but greatly depends on your charging habits and the condition of your board. The battery price is affordable as it is the original battery.

This battery original is just a click away. Battery Nokia 8 will be delivered through cash on Delivery. We only provide you with the battery but you will bear the battery replacement cost.


Nokia 8 Specifications:

  • Brand : Nokia
  • No. of Batteries : Only 1 Lithium Battery (as Requested)
  • Charging: 18W Wired (Do not use high power charger)
  • Type: Non Removable / Rechargeable
  • Recommended Use of Product : Only in Nokia 8
  • Capacity : 3090mAh
  • Votage : 3.85 V
  • Reusability: Yes


Special Feature

This Nokia 8 change battery will bring life back to a mobile phone whose battery time is not good. This battery will make your phone look brand new.

This Nokia battery is tested under strict quality control stands to ensure it will perform well to satisfy the customer’s need.

The average life of the Nokia battery model is up to 800 charge cycles.

This is compatible only Nokia 8, So Check it carefully before ordering.

With this battery replacement use the original cable and charger that came with your phone to charge your device.


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