LG G8 ThinQ Battery


  • LG G8 Battery (100% Original)
  • Capacity = 3500mAh
  • Cash on Delivery to all over Pakistan
  • In case of Cash on Delivery Charges are Rs. 250
  • Calling No. is 0300 9402502


Supported Versions: LMG820QM7 LM-G820UMB LMG820UM0 LMG820UM1 LMG820UM2 LM-G820N LM-G820


Benefits of Buying this Battery:

This battery boasts a powerful 3500mAh capacity, providing you with long-lasting, reliable power for all your daily activities

Stay Connected, Productive and entertained without worrying about running out of battery when you need it most.

With this good health battery you can enjoy extended usage times without constantly needing to recharge, giving you peace of mind throughout the day.

Say Goodbye to sudden shutdown and unreliable power with this good health battery replacement that is built to last.



This is original battery to replace your old weak or faulty battery. This battery will power on your mobile device for long time without having the tension of sudden shutdown due to low battery.

We import original LG Battery. These are set pulled batteries but as good as new battery. Buy This Battery online and Cash on Delivery at your doorstep.


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