Google Pixel 2 XL Battery mAh 3520 Replacement Pakistan


Battery Pixel 2 XL


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  • Google Pixel 2XL Battery
  • Battery Capacity = 3520mAh
  • Battery Price = Rs 2500
  • Cash on Delivery to all over Pakistan
  • Calling No. is 0300 9402502


Experience after Buying this Battery:

  • Seamless Multitasking: Enjoy the freedom of effortlessly switching between apps, streaming your favorite content, or tackling demanding tasks, all while keeping your battery level stable and reliable.
  • Long Lasting Power : Enjoy Full 3520mAh will power up your mobile for long time. Unleash the power of you google device full mAh original Battery. No more interruptions due to a lack of battery power.
  • Customer Safety first: With built-in safety features such as overheating protection and short-circuit prevention, you can confidently charge your device without any concerns about potential risks.
  • Designed for your convenience: This battery is engineered to fit perfectly within your Google Pixel 2 XL, ensuring a seamless integration without any compromise of device’s sleek design or functionality.


Supported Variants of Battery Google Pixel 2 XL:

Pixel G011C Battery


The battery is required with a new Pixel 2xl battery when your old weak battery not giving proper timing. The Battery cost is Rs = 2500. We have thousands of happy customers who have good Experiences by Buying Batteries From our online Store.

We import original pixel batteries. We only provide you battery at your doorstep.

Special Features of BL-T35 Battery

Google Pixel 2 XL Battery Perfectly matches the specification of  original battery. This original battery is manufactured an tested under strict quality standards.

This Battery is in good health and this Google Pixel 2 xl replacement battery will keep your device powered.

This Battery in only compatible with G011C (Model Name)

With this battery replacement use the original cable and charger that came with your phone to charge your device.

The peak performance will be acquired after 4 complete charge and discharge cycles

Google Pixel 2XL Battery Specification:

  • Brand : Google
  • No. of Batteries : Only 1 Lithium Battery (as Requested)
  • Type: Non Removable / Rechargeable
  • Recommended Use of Product : Only in Google Pixel 2XL
  • Capacity : 3520mAh
  • Voltage : 3.85 V
  • Re-usability: Yes


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