iPhone 7 Battery mAh 1960 Replacement Price in Pakistan



iPhone 7 Battery Original Replacement

  • iPhone 7 battery replacement
  • iPhone 7 Battery mAh = 1960 Capacity
  • iPhone 7 battery price = Rs. 2400 Final Price
  • Cash on Delivery Available – Delivery Charges Apply

Delivery charges are Rs. 200

  • Delivery charges are Rs. 200
  • Call on 0300 9402 502

This is the Best Battery for iPhone 7. iPhone 7 Battery mAh are 1960. This iPhone 7 Original Battery is to be replaced with Low Health Battery or the Battery which show Service Message.

iPhone 7 Battery Change Give you Good Experience as the iphone 7 battery timing will increase. Battery Bank import Original iPhone 7 Batteries. iphone 7 original battery price is Rs. 2500 which is not to be compared with aftermarket copies Like iPhone 7 ronin Battery or interlink battery for iPhone 7 .In copies batteries iphone 7 mah are low.

The iphone 7 battery life is good. We only deliver battery but the iphone 7 battery replacement cost will be bear by you. This battery is just a click away. We wil make you fast Delivery.



Charging Instruction

Charge the Battery at least 3 hours after installation in first Charge.

When in Charging state Don’t put you iPhone 7 near heat source as it may damage seriously your Battery of iPhone 7.

In iPhone 7 Support Wireless Charging but use on Qi Certified Charger.

If Your Battery is not 100% Charged the Charging icon will be seen on the iPhone battery indicator. When the device is Fully 100% Charged The Battery indicator in the status bar will appear solid green like without any sign on battery icon.

Before you plug in the power adapter insert the Lightening end of Lightning to USB Cable into

the base of your iPhone 7.

Keep in mind your iPhone 7 Battery is happy in charging Limit above 20% and Lower than 80%. By keeping the Battery between these limit your battery life will increase many fold.

Normally Charging visa a Computer is not recommended if required insert the Lightning end of the Lightening to USB Cable into the port at the base of iPhone 7 and then insert the USB end of the Cable into any open port on the Computer.

Low Power Mode

If the Battery Icon  is yellow Low power mode is on. When your device reaches 20% battery. Automatically low power mode is enabled.

If you see Low Battery Message on the Screen your Battery is Quite low. Plug in your iPhone 7 and let it Charge for at least 10 minutes before using it. After 10 minutes you can use your device and continues to charge



iPhone 7 Battery Specification


Apple iPhone

iPhone 7 Battery Capacity


Cell Composition

Lithium Polymer


Non-Removable , Rechargeable

Battery Voltage

3.85 V

Time of Charge

95 min


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