Apple iPhone 6 Plus Battery Original Replacement 2915 mAh Price in Pakistan


Battery For a iPhone 6 Plus

2915mAh (Capacity)

Fast Cash on Delivery

  • Battery for an iPhone 6 Plus Original One
  • iPone 6 Plus Battery Price = 2400
  • Battery Capacity = 2915mAh (Typical Capacity)
  • Battery Health = 100%
  • Note: Battery Health will go down step by step after period of time.
  • Battery Life = 2 Years (On Normal Use)
  • Cash on Delivery all over Pakistan
  • Calling Number is 0300 9402502


Battery Details:

This is Apple battery for iPhone 6 Plus to replace your old weak battery or battery that became weak over the period. This battery is in good health and gives you good backup timing. After installing this battery your overall experience will be good.

We provide you iPhone 6 plus new battery whose health is one hundred percent which will provide you with long talk time to meet your needs. This means you can wander outside without the hassle of carrying a charger or power bank.

We import original batteries which is not available from any other online store. Apple iPhone 6 Plus original battery price is affordable which is not to be compared with aftermarket low-graded batteries, who lose their battery timing after one week.

It is very dangerous to use low-graded batteries because they lack the protection circuit and may damage your device or may explode resulting in personal injury. Buy This battery online and fast cash on delivery at your doorstep.


Supported Models:

iPhone A1522 Battery / iPhone A1524 Battery

(Your device should be one of these upper-mentioned variants so please check carefully before ordering)


Special Feature:

By Changing this battery your mobile will come back to life and give you extended backup time to meet the need.

This is only a replacement battery for 6 Plus iPhone not with other carriers, so check twice before ordering.

The Health of the battery is 100% (Full) which will gradually goes down step by step.(As we do not boost our batteries artificially).

Use only specified cable and charger to charge your device. As you device or battery may get damaged if you use extra powered charger.

The Battery Perfectly matches the specifications of your original battery. This original battery is manufactured and tested under stick quality standards.

This Battery will keep your device powered which means you can wander freely without having the problem of low battery.

The original product is tested under strict quality control standards to ensure our battery performs well to satisfy your needs.

After 4 complete charge /discharge cycle you will get peak performance.


iPhone 6Plus battery Specification:

  • Brand: Apple
  • Battery Capacity = 2915mAh
  • Voltage: 3.82V (11.1 Wh)
  • Cell Model: 1|CP4/49/120
  • GB /T 1827-2013
  • Type: Rechargeable Li-ion Polymer Battery
  • Manufacturer: Huizhou Dasey Battery Co., Ltd.
  • Madei in China


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